6 Advantages of Colocation Web Hosting

Colocation web hosting solution is adapted to smaller businesses that want features of large-scale IT without the costs that come along with them. Colocation web hosting, ideally, means renting out a rack space from a data center. You take your own server hardware to the data center, and they provide you with cooling, power, physical security and internet connection. Choosing this solution means you’ll be wholly responsible for your own data, server software, including backup procedures. That means that if there is any failure in hardware, you’ll have to take care of replacement and getting the server back on yourself. While colocation has its disadvantages, it has many advantages. This column talks about the advantages of colocation web hosting to your business:

II. Colocation web hosting ensures availability of your data throughout

Data centers always ensure that your data is available 24/7 despite the fact that power outages always manifest. They have backup measures, such as alternative power supply, generators, and batteries. These backup measures are thoroughly tested to ensure they don’t fail at the crucial moment. These data centers have also formed partnerships with energy suppliers for redundant energy connections that are connected to the building housing the hardware to ensure uninterrupted data transmission.

III. Colocation hosting helps you cut back on extraordinary IT costs

The cost of maintaining an IT department is high enough. You have to employ experts to deal with the hardware, you have to incur expenses related to power supply, software updates, and maintenance, and these could add up your overall business cost. Taking some of your IT hardware to be managed in an outsourced datacenter can bring down your IT costs significantly.

IV. You can easily scale up your business with colocation web hosting

With a collocation data center, you might benefit from increased bandwidth. Increased bandwidth means your business will operate like a well-oiled machine, hence rapid growth.

V. Colocation web hosting ensures business continuity

Hosting your servers in a web hosting company’s data center means you won’t have to worry about disasters like flooding, fire and so on. These data centers have adequate precautions to ensure your hardware doesn’t overheat. They have state of the art air conditioning systems that keep temperatures low. You can also choose a plan whereby your data is stored in 2 data centers, far away from each other to ensure redundancy. If you decide to have your data in a remote location, you have a place to fall back to when disaster strikes. This allows your IT team to work from a remote location in case disaster happens.

VI. Colocation web hosting offers service and support in case of a glitch

Business owners who choose colocation web hosting know that they have to send their technicians to the hosting provider’s data center in case a glitch manifests. Data centers try to make their customers work easier by having a team of technicians that repair the glitch whenever it happens. This alleviates the need for customers to send out technicians to the datacenter, which may increase downtime and add costs related to transportation.


If your business depends on a steady transmission of services, collocation is the best hosting plan for you, both in regards to cost and resource allocation. However, always do a cost-benefit analysis to determine if colocation or in-house hosting is the best solution for you.

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